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Yes, We are finally doing a new episode tomorrow. We also hope to begin weekly episodes staring more than just Keith and myself. Any input from any listeners is always well appreciated. You can comment on here or e-mail us at Intelligentconversation@live.com or Dumbkraig@gmail.com. We always get back to our viewers. Also, starting sometime soon and through out spring and summer we will be starting weekly releases of videos on our youtube channel, which you can find simply by searching Dumbkraig. We recently got a decent camera, and have numerous video and series ideas that we are looking to launch soon. Keep up with us on Twitter https://twitter.com/Dumbkraig and facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dumbkraig-Product ions/222117404500602?fref=ts as well as on here and youtube.

Thanks to everyone helping us out and especially anyone taking interest in what we do.



2012-11-23 21:31:40 by Dumbbunny99

Hey everyone! We just recently kicked off our new podcast, Space Bunny, on Itunes and various other places. It's similar to our older one but good... Hope everyone enjoys it and if they feel the urge to join in the hilariousness!!!


Done in 10 minutes

2012-09-01 03:29:04 by Dumbbunny99

Just a little something i threw together.... PSSSSST there's Bane in it........ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GleVodJhALQ

Horror Game Series

2012-08-15 11:16:42 by Dumbbunny99

Hey all, My friend and I just started up a new horror game lets play series here http://www.youtube.com/user/Dumbkraig. Not asking for money or anything like that, just your time. Thanks

Horror Game Series


2012-08-11 12:46:51 by Dumbbunny99

Hey all, My friend and I had to put Intelligent Conversations down :,(...... But we decided to start anew AND BETTER. Our new podcast SPACE BUNNY will not only feature Keith and I but a couple other people from the Dumbkraig community. We have two (I guess you could say) pilot episodes on itunes and our Podbean website (http://intelligentconversations.podbean.com/). Enjoy. Oh and if you are curious to hear some of our first few episodes from the old podcast you can view them on my page.



2012-07-18 19:57:53 by Dumbbunny99

Well I have been concentrating mostly on youtube because i do live action stuff.... but i recently got into animating. I figured rather than let this account go to waste, i'd put it to use. I'm still working out the bugs (namely my art and ability to animate) as well as some audio problems that i don't encounter when i post the same videos to youtube ~>:(..... BUT OH WELL... I'm also going to try to get the podcast back into full swing. Anyway hope you enjoy the new stuff.

If your interested in partnering, definitely hit me up on here or e-mail me doesn't matter i'll eventually get back to you.


2012-04-11 10:36:44 by Dumbbunny99

I'm reaching out to the good people in the community of Newgrounds to help my production group through a fundraiser here http://www.gofundme.com/ja9g4 more information on the site. Thanks to y'all.

Need Support

2012-02-17 16:48:22 by Dumbbunny99

Hey everyone,
We are a Mere podcast trying to get our name out and could use a little support from you all. check us out here http://intelligentconversations.podbean.com/ or on Itunes "Intelligent Conversations With Dumbkraig".



2011-12-10 22:18:40 by Dumbbunny99

Unfortunately, we won't be posting the podcast on here anymore. BUT IT ALONG WITH NEW EPISODES IS ON ITUNES AND PODBEAN.COM. We will also be trying to start an animation series on here in the near future I already have the animation junk so... yeah. http://intelligentconversations.podbea n.com/


2011-11-22 05:43:18 by Dumbbunny99

Hey everyone, namely our 4 or so fans... sorry we haven't gotten anything out in a while. We recently did a Skyrim podcast on the day it came out and I still need ti clip it and put it up. We have also been looking for new sites to post the podcast. We have also been working up ideas for our new sketch comedy group on youtube (still a work in progress) but heres our first video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Nl4a4t Yvm0&list=UUabEizRpxvjwIs7j2-6mD2w&fea ture=plcp. DEFIANTLY NOT THE BEST but will get better.